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Trutech Laser Corporation remanufactures, recertifies and sells the full line of Coherent /Lumenis Medical Laser systems.

Why purchase a new laser system? Trutech Laser can cost effectively rebuild your existing Coherent Laser System. Or, you can purchase one of our remanufactured systems and still save over 50% of the cost of buying new.

Trutech Laser is unique in the industry for restoring Coherent Medical Laser Systems to true "as new" performance. All systems refurbished/remanufactured at our facility undergo the following rigorous processes:

Incoming Inspection

We inspect all aspects of system operation, document findings and file System Certification Report. System is fully cleaned, repaired and repainted.

Filter Replacement

Air and water filters are replaced and the cooling systems thoroughly cleaned and flushed.

Laser Heads Checked

Laser heads are checked for power, and replaced if they do not fully meet the original manufacturer's final test specifications.

Optics Checked

All optics are checked and replaced as needed. Laser energy through the optical path of the system is certified to meet the original manufacturer's specifications or better


Electronics and control software in the system are upgraded to the latest supported revisions.


All delivery devices and accessories are also restored to the manufacturer's original specifications.

Performance Tests

All System Performance Tests are documented and a complete report is provided with the system as part of the System Certification Report

1 Year Warranty

All refurbished laser systems are covered by our 1 Year Warranty. Contact us for full details on our warranty.


All refurbished laser systems are covered by our 1 Year Warranty. Restrictions and limitations may apply, so please contact us for full details on our warranty.

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Systems for Sale

We have fully refurbished laser systems for sale at any given time. Please contact us if you're in the market for a laser, and we'll help you find the best one to suit your unique needs. Not quite what you're looking for? Let us help you find it!

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