Let our highly trained technicians care for your system at your site, or ours.

Service Provided For:

  • Coherent/Lumenis Powersuite
  • Coherent Select I
  • Coherent Select II
  • Coherent Ultrafine
  • Coherent VPC
  • Coherent/Lumenis Encore
  • Coherent Ultrapulse Venus
  • Coherent Ultrapulse 5000
  • Coherent 7910/7970
  • Coherent/Lumenis Novus 2000 and E
  • Coherent/Lumenis Ultima
  • Coherent Novus Omni
  • Coherent Aura
  • Coherent/Lumenis Opal
  • Coherent/Lumenis Selecta II
  • Coherent 900/910/920/920AK/920Dye/930/PDL
  • Coherent/Lumenis LightSheer Systems

If your system is not listed here, please contact us.


Trutech Laser Announces

NEW LOWER Pricing on our refurbished Co2 Tubes. Call us for Pricing Today.
We have recently added the complete line of Coherent LightSheer products and support, including Completely Refurbished 9X9 handpieces for $8,500 and 12X12 handpieces for $10,000
Have you received a letter from Lumenis ending support for Ultra Pulse or Versa Pulse laser system? We can HELP! Call us today to discuss our cost effective maintenance options.

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