Trutech Laser Corporation

Laser Systems

Trutech Laser Corporation Remanufactures, Recertifies and Sells the full line of Coherent /Lumenis Medical Laser systems.

Why purchase a new laser system? Trutech Laser can cost effectively rebuild your existing Coherent Laser System. Or, you can purchase one of our Remanufactured Systems and still save over 50% of the cost of buying new.

Trutech Laser is unique in the industry for restoring Coherent Medical Laser Systems to true "As New" performance. All systems refurbished/remanufactured at our facility undergo the following rigorous processes:

  • Thorough incoming inspection, including all aspects of system operation. All findings are documented and filed as part of the System Certification Report
    * Each system is fully cleaned, and all covers are removed, repaired and repainted
  • Air and water filters are replaced and the cooling systems thoroughly cleaned and flushed
  • Laser heads are checked for power, and replaced if they do not fully meet the original manufacturer's final test specifications
  • All optics are checked and replaced as needed. Laser energy through the optical path of the system is certified to meet the original manufacturer's specifications or better
  • Electronics and control software in the system are upgraded to the latest supported revisions
  • All delivery devices and accessories are also restored to the manufacturer's original specifications
  • All System Performance Tests completed during the Remanufacturing and Final Test processes are documented and a complete report of all materials used and work completed is provided with the system as part of the System Certification Report
  • All work is warranted for One Full Year
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